work in progress

Initial public offerings in the long run (joint with Nadja Dwenger, Olaf Ehrhardt and Patrick Kozik)

Income Inequality and social mobility- 100 years of Germany industrial history- the Maschinenfabrik Esslingen. The project is funded by the German research Foundation (DFG).

Individual Experience and saving behavior. (joint with Jochen Streb and Andreas Neumayer) . The project is funded by the German research Foundation (DFG).

recent working papers

Lehmann-Hasemeyer, S. H., Neumayer, A., & Streb, J. (2022). Heterogeneous savers and their inflation expectation during German industrialization: Social class, wealth, and gender (No. 33). Working Papers of the Priority Programme 1859″ Experience and Expectation. Historical Foundations of Economic Behaviour”. under review


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Edited books

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